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      Automatic Plant Waterer  
Item: KB-3000

Packing: 2pcs/colorbox w/PVC window; 160sets/CTN;
Meas: 48.5x39x33.5cm

Busy gardeners love the Plant Waterer system. It delivers water to your plants based on the soil`s dryness. It will automatically keep your plant at an optimal moisture level as long as there is water in the reservoir. The Plant Waterer is truly an on-demand watering system and can even be used on moisture sensitive outdoor plants such as bonsai. Its most advantages sum up as following,

1. Save yourself the trouble of daily watering.
2. Save yourself the cost of unnecessary water consumption.
3. Save your plants from excessive and incorrect watering.

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Automatic Plant Waterer
  Busy gardeners love the Plant waterer system. It delivers water to your plants based on the soil`s dryness......